In Modern World, every home has a Refrigerator, an appliance which artificially kept cool. Without fridge storing, foods and drinks became a challenging one during summer. A Refrigerator is a modern home appliance that consists of the thermally insulated compartment and Heat Pump. Imagine, that your Refrigerator stops cooling? Storing becomes more difficult, may lead to waste of some foods. To sort out these problems, we must know why your Refrigerator is not cooling? There are leading 3 causes. Refrigerator appliance to be serviced regularly for proper functioning.

Causes For Refrigerator Not Working:

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Coils are Dirty:

The Condenser coils usually located under the fridge. The coil expands heat as the refrigerant pass through them. If the coils are dirty, they won’t extend heat. As chaff forms on the coil, the refrigerant becomes less efficient that makes refrigerator to work harder to cool down. If the condenser coil is dirty, they don’t maintain proper temperature. Hence one has to Check the condenser coil for dirty and if they are dirty, clean them.

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Condenser Fan Motor:

The Fan motor extract air through the condenser coil and over the compressor. If the fan does not work properly, then the fridge will not cool properly. To check defect in Fan Motor:

  1. First Check the fan blade for any arrest.
  2. Try turning your fan motor blade by hand.
  3. If the blade does not spin, then we have to replace the condenser fan motor
  4. If the blade does not rotate correctly, then we have to use the multimeter to test the fan motor for continuity. If there is no continuity, fan motor has to be replaced.

Note: When you Buy a refrigerator based on your requirements, then clean them regularly for better performance.

Evaporator Fan Motor:

The evaporator fan motor draws air through the evaporator coil (cooling) and circulates throughout the fridge and freezer compartment. Refrigerators may have more than one evaporator. The fridge with one evaporator is located in a freezer compartment. Just imagine your evaporator fan is not working, what happens? The evaporator fan will not circulate the cold air throughout the refrigerator. As this occurs, the freezer will get still cold, but the refrigerator will not get cold. To determine the defect in Evaporator motor :

  1. First, try turning the fan motor blade by hand
  2. While trying to turn fan motor and that does not spin, the motor has to be replaced.
  3. Even if the engine is noisy, that has to be replaced.
  4. If your motor does not turn at all, then we have to use a multimeter to test for continuity, is there is no continuity replace the evaporator fan motor

These are leading three causes for the Refrigerator not cooling. The refrigerator has to be serviced for any above problems. An individual can not fix all the above causes, that has to be repaired by experts. Keep your Refrigerator clean to store more foods and drinks. We help in Refrigerator cleaning and make the life better for everyone.

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