Central AC Installation Service

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Central Air Condition Installation Service by professionals for proper fixing and best cooling. It is important to fit an AC in proper position to feel the comfort cooling. If the air conditioner installation is not proper, then your AC may be damaged easily and very often. Here is few professional AC installation service for excellent cooling.


1. Sizing:

Air conditioning is estimated by the ton, which is the cooling energy delivered by a one-ton chunk of ice melting. In an Average 2,000-square-foot home might require for 3 to 3.5 tons Air Conditioner unit. Here correct tonnage arrangement is required. A system with oversize will cool the house so fast but it does not efficiently dehumidify the air (important factor of cooling comfort), and if AC unit is too short it will run continually, raising your energy bills and untimely carrying out the equipment. We must check out few factors while installing AC such as your home’s location, cubic feet, size of windows, and orientation to the sun.

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2. Incentivize energy:

Today’s AC systems must be 14 SEER—which stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. It is a test of how much cooling you receive for each watt of power used. If your old AC system isn’t working at peak performance anymore, then your cooling bills should decrease by about half. You can also opt for higher power up to 24 SEER.

3. Need Of Ducts:

Benefits Of ACIf you have an old central Air Conditioner system, you can combine new AC equipment to the ducts that already exist inside the walls of your home. If ducts are broken, you could lose 20% of your cooled air into your loft and foundation, says physicist Max Sherman, of the Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory. So have the ducts inspected, and if necessary get a sealed. Get a professional service for better cooling. Only a professionals understand the pros and cons of Installation service.

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