Going Beyond Comfort! What are all the real AC benefits? Here we Go 

What is an Air Conditioner?

Benefits Of AC

Did you know? Those people are more productive when they are working in an Air Conditioned Building. The whole cooling system extends well beyond just making you comfortable. From workspace to the Home AC plays an important role (especially during summer).

An Air Conditioner is a machine that delights the air in the enclosed area through Refrigeration Cycle. The refrigeration cycle replaces warm air with cold air. A complete machine with heating, ventilation and air conditioning is referred to be HAVC. The primary purpose of an air conditioner to give comfort by receiving the properties of air by cooling the air inside.

Refrigeration Cycle Working:

The refrigerator cycle consists of the heat pump, called as Thermodynamic heat pumps. The heat pumps are the machine inside the cycle that transfers heat from one location in lower pressure to another area in the high-pressure sink, using high-temperature heat source or mechanical force. The mechanical force in physics is said to be a force to do work while acting there is a displacement of the point of application in the direction of strength. As the mechanical force is applied, the heat will flow in the opposite direction naturally. The condition is called air conditioning, in which the refrigerated system pumps heat out of the room. Thus the pump may act as a Heater if the purpose is to heat sink and act as refrigerator if the purpose is to cool. Thus the heat pumps as per the choice that we choose. If there is no cooling air from the refrigerator, present inside AC unit, then AC is used for a Heat sink.

In Common, the refrigeration cycle uses an electric motor. This electric motor is used to drive the compressor. This compressor restrained by the pulley on the engine crankshaft. The crankshaft is a part of the engine that changes up and down motion of pistons into the rotation. The both pulley and crankshaft use the electric motor for air circulation. When the heat gets absorbed, evaporation occurs. When the heat gets released, condensation occurs.

The air conditioner System designed in such a way that compressor cause pressure between two compartments and quick pumping of coolant around an enclosed area. The cooling liquid pumped to the cooled chamber called evaporator coil. Low pressure makes refrigerant to take heat away. In other compartment called the condenser, the refrigerant vapour compressed. The compressed refrigerant gas forced through another heat exchange coil. Finally, the forced coil condenses into the liquid which then rejects heat that previously absorbed from cooled space.

Don’t Worry About you Electricity Bill as AC Unit runs continuously during summer

Here are few Tips

To Reduce Electricity consumed for an Air Conditioner



Three Main Benefits Of Air Conditioner:



1. Human Being Efficiency Increase

2. Health Benefits

3. Less Noise Produced By AC Unit





  • Human Being Efficiency Increase:

    The research has found that in comfort conditions, the working capacity of individuals increases. Just imagine! The heat inside the room gets increased, the heat from the human body also raised. During this situation, people feel entirely uncomfortable and lack in energy. Also, the person feels tired soon during hot temperature. An air conditioner produces fresh and cold air inside the room, which helps the person feel comfortable, gives energy and helps raise the working capacity.


  • Health Benefit:

    Air Conditioner produce filtered air inside the chamber. As the air circulated is filtered, they are free from dust particles, bacteria, microorganisms, and smoke. Due to this, a healthy environment created inside the room, and person health improved.


  • Less Noise:

    As we switch on the air conditioner, we close all the windows in the chamber or office. Thus no noise from outside can disturb you during a night; you can have a peaceful sleep. Air Conditioner also produce no sound. Thus you can feel fresh at morning since you sleep well at night.




Not only these benefits, but there are also still more benefits of having an air conditioner in office or room. Ac units take fresh air from outside through the blower and circulate that air to produce cold and fresh air. Few mentioned above are main benefits of the air conditioner.

If there is some problem with air conditioner, that has to fix quickly. Air conditioner plays a primary role in day to day life of everyone. In case of any repair that has to serviced properly for better performance.

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