Split Air Conditioner:

Nowadays, in all houses, people are using Split air-conditioning. This has become the essential part of all houses. This system is so compact, energy is efficient and is available at low cost. Since the air conditioner is so small it is easy to clean. It is also best to choose professional split ac cleaning services, it costs around 25% to 30% of the cost of the new system. Given below there are some DIY instructions to clean the AC. The best way to clean the AC is to remove the outer cover and then clean the inner parts of the AC and then you can fit it. This will help you to avoid mold reinfection.

Benefits Of AC

Steps to Clean Your Split AC:

  1. Buy an aircon wash bag: These bags are available in online. This is for catching waste water while servicing your AC. These bags are custom designed bags.
  2. Buy a good coil cleaner: Avoid foam type AC cleaning solutions because it might cause messy. The foam will not go to rotor blades also. So the best coil cleaner is the liquid solution. Beware of cleaning AC carefully, and avoid buying chemical liquids which might damage organics in AC.
  3. Install the aircon wash bag around the split a/c unit (called an FCU-Fan Coil Unit) on the wall: Don’t need to tear the system as like professionals services.
  4. Start spraying the chemical solution over the coils: Start spraying the chemicals inside the rotor and other interior parts of the AC. And make sure that all the chemicals are sprayed inside and put the nozzle as close as to the fins for the proper spraying of the chemicals.
  5. Spray the rotary blades hidden in the outlet of the airflow: To get good results, you must use far-reaching spraying nozzle and make sure to coat all the blades.
  6. Wait for 10 to 20 minutes for the cleaning solution to work: Flush the coil and watch whether all the waters are drained from coil and rotor. The remaining water in the air conditioner is drained through the drain pipe.
  7. Wipe down the fan coil unit: You can tilt the conditioner and allow the water to flow into the bag. Then remove the wash bag and then drain the wastewater.

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