The repair generally represents fixing or replacing AC parts. According to the nature of the issue, the costs may vary. If it is a small problem people themselves can fix the problem. But, if it is complex problem, the best solution is to call the professionals.

What is an AC condenser?

The AC consists of various parts such as condenser, compressor, evaporator and the expansion value. The AC condenser is located outside and it is responsible for cooling the air.

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How does an AC condenser unit work?

The condenser, which is located on the exterior of the AC transforms the refrigerant gas into liquid form. These liquids pass over the condensing coil and then the liquids get cooler. These are passes along with the AC system and cools the interior of the room.

In the common AC terms, the compressor and the condenser sound similar, but both are different. The condenser helps in cooling the air and the compressor helps in pumping the pressurized gas to the evaporator.

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AC process:

1. The compressor pressurizes the refrigerant to the gas.
2. Gas enters the condenser, which then converts to the liquid.
3. The liquid id moved to the evaporator.
4. These are blown in the interior of the room and absorbs all the heat and then gives the cool air.
5. This cycle again continues when the refrigerant is again converted to the gases.

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Common AC condenser problems:

The AC condenser is not made of the single part, but with many components such as the coil, motor, fans, tubes, and a circuit board. Any of these parts may fail. Because of that, the entire condenser might get collapsed. The common AC condenser problems are,

  • Dirty component:

The most common problem is dirt and debris. When your AC is near the grass, garden or some dirty area, it is easier to get dirt in the condenser coil. When your AC is not working properly, try to find the problem outside and then clean the dirt.

  • Leaks:

If the tubes and seals are not proper, the leakage will automatically happen. You have to change the tubes on the regular basis to avoid the leakage in the AC.

  • Blockage:

The dust particles and the debris may accumulate in the AC condenser, which may lead to blockages.

  • Bad run Capacitor:

If the capacitor is not proper, the motor of the AC will not work properly.


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