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Refrigerator and Power Consumed

Doesn’t matter who you are? it is always safe to assume that you are always looking for ways to save money on expenses. In the modern world, it is very difficult to save money.
Like many things in life, expenses start at home, to be more specific, electricity bills by Electronic appliances at home that runs all the day.


Did Your know? Your home appliance Refrigerator, that runs throughout the day consumes 20 percent of your monthly electricity bill. Now wouldn’t you wish to save your electricity bill?
Here are some simple 10 tips and trick that helps reduce power consumption.


Tips & Tricks To Reduce Electricity

#1: Energy efficiency Refrigerator Model:

Refrigerators are rated by the Indian Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). The Energy efficiency model has earned the Energy Star sticker (or label on the product) uses less energy than a 60 watt light bulb. The most energy efficient models are 16-20 cubic feet. A refrigerator model with a 5-star rating is highly energy efficient as it ingests about 15 percent less energy than 4-star rated unit which is better than a 3-star rated and so on. Therefore, it’s recommended to buy a star rated highly energy efficient refrigerator model which suits your budget.

#2: Freezer Mounted:

Refrigerator StorageTop or Bottom mounted freezer unit would ingest 20 percent less energy as compared to the two-door refrigerator. As an automatic ice maker consumes double the electricity, it is advisable to avoid it.
Hence try buying the best refrigerator that suits all your needs.

#3: Placing Refrigerator:

Place your fridge in a cool place. Exposure to unwanted heat like sunlight, oven and so on would require the machine to use more energy to cool and even may stop fridge cooling system. For a proper air circulation, it is recommended to place refrigerator at least a inches away from walls of your kitchen.

#4: Fridge Storage:

Pack the fridge to maximum capacity by leaving enough room for air circulation. Therefore, this will enable the temperature to hold on for a long time during power cuts. Even this has more benefits to reduce power.

#5: Food Temperature:

Remember! Cool the hot food before storing them in the refrigerator. Because the hot food would take in the more cool air causing the appliance to work much harder to maintain its temperature.

#6: Refrigerator Opening:

Refrigerators ingest more electricity if they are kept open for a long time. Try to train yourself to decide what you want before opening fridge door, this may help reduce an amount of time the refrigerator door opened.

#7: Coil and air leakage check:

Clean your Fridge

Unless refrigerator cleaned regularly, dust & dirt gather around the coil and causes the compressor to work harder. Hard working of a compressor may affect the efficiency of the machine. It’s recommended to get professional expert service for your refrigerator to work with better efficiency and reduce electricity.
Also, carefully look for air leakage through damaged refrigerator door seals and gaskets. Air Leakage could cause the unit to ingest more power to maintain its temperature. Thus, Hire professional service experts to check for any air leakage and fix the leakage for better fridge performance.

#8: Defrosting Freezer:

Built up Frost is not good because it increases the power consumption in order to keep its motor running. Hence, the Repair Service experts recommend Frost has to be removed twice a year to maintain the efficiency with less electricity.

Refrigerator Storing and temperature

#9: Maintain Temperature:

As suggested by highly skilled refrigerator experts, 37-40 degree F is the ideal temperature for refrigerator and 0-5 degree F is the ideal temperature for Freezer.

#10: How to Store:

All the liquids and foods should be capped to prevent them from releasing moisture, this would cause the compressor to work much harder.




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