Microwave Oven:

The microwave is so quick and effective because they direct heat energy efficiency to the tiny particles inside food. Like the sun heats your face, Microwave oven does the same for food through radiation. The best kitchen electronic appliance helps in easy cooking and keeps your food hot.

Serving hot food would be more delicious. To keep your food hot all time, it requires the buying best kind of electronic machine like the microwave oven. If your microwave oven is not working and you had a sudden guest, terribly it takes time to serve them hot food. Hence it’s best to keep your microwave serviced in the case of not heating.

3 Cause For Your Oven Not Working.

Know the reasons and find the best technician to service Microwave.

Diode Burns

Microwave Oven DiodeThe Diode present inside the oven converts A/C power output of the transformer to D/C. The conversion happens by doubling the voltage to 5000 volts, this high voltage gives more power to the magnetron to heat the food. If the food is not heating, then the magnetron not received enough voltage to operate. All these are due to burning of the diode. If the diode is burned, replace it and inspect the diode. If inspecting the diode adduce obscure, then test it with a multimeter that uses 9 volts battery. The diodes continuity should be in one direction when leads are reversed.

Warning: Even after unplugging your microwave oven, it stores the fatal amount of electricity in high voltage capacitor. Due to the high running voltage that may lead to electric shock. It’s distinctly dangerous to replace electronic parts in the oven. Only a licensed professionals can replace the diode.

Door Switches:

Microwave oven door switches

Most of the modern microwave oven has three or four-door switch. When the oven door closes, the switches present in the door activate in a sequence to assure that the door is closed fitly. If any of the switches in the door collapses, the oven will not heat. To find the defect in the door switch test using a multimeter for continuity in the switch. When you find there is no continuity in the door switches, replace it. Hire the best technicians to make sure you replace the door without any damage.



The magnetron uses high voltage, high current DC power to produce the microwave frequency that cooks food. Once the magnetron burns, the microwave stops producing heat. Hence, if your magnetron burned, it cannot be repaired, it has to be replaced by microwave service technicians.

Microwave Oven magnetron


Microwave Oven is an effective and easy cooking electronic appliance. It makes your cooking comfortable and helps in keeping them hot all through the day. Microwave oven appliance has to be serviced regularly for proper functioning.

Don’t keep them in trouble, we are here to help you with all the Microwave problems.

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