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It’s summer, and more people worry about the electricity bill of Air Conditioner. No Worries! Here are few tips that help you reduce the power. While people are buying an air conditioner, they look for more energy efficient ones, which raise the electricity bill easily. Thus Buying an efficient air conditioner help, few things impact the power consumption of AC units.

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Few things change electricity consumption of AC:

Size Of Room:

All air conditioners rated at watts, but they do not consume power in the same way. The 1.5 ton AC unit rated for about 1.5 KW. The consumption differs by the setting of an air conditioner. The air conditioner purpose is to remove heat and humidity from an enclosed space and AC will consume that much amount of electricity based on the air removal from the room. That means 1.5-ton air conditioner system if put in 120 sq.ft will consume the different amount of power in one hour than a similar AC put in 150 sq.ft room in the same location. Power is because of 150 sq.ft room will have more heat and will take more electricity to remove the heat.


The air conditioner unit does two things based on the temperature. Some cities are hot; some are humid and cold. If the city is hot, the AC remove the heat by cooling the air. Thus more electricity is consumed to bring down the temperature. Some cities are humid, here the temperature varies thus switching of the compressor will less the power consumption. Thus 1.2 ton AC unit with a similar set in two cities will be different as the temperature varies.

People in the room:

More population in a place that consumes more electricity. Since more people are in the chamber, the air conditioner must produce more cooling by taking the heat. Thus, also heat generated by the human body is based on its metabolic rate.Some people in the room, more heat emits and more cooling is required. Thus at this time, more tonnage is needed by the air conditioner to cool.

Electrical and Electronic device:

Everyone knows that after an extended usage of laptop, that becomes more heat and stops working. Our mobile phones also behave the same way. All the electrical and electronic device produce heat; this will be cooled by air conditioner once switched on. Even bulbs emit heat along with the light. Thus room with more lights will consume more electricity. If your room is turned on with a lot of lights, the room will need more cooling. Thus having fewer lights on will have more benefits with quality work. If you are aware, we can make our work simpler by making electronics machine to not heat and work smoother.

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Dark Colors Absorb More Heat

Room Colors:

All dark colors absorb heat. The curtains with dark color will absorb heat. Even if your wall is a dark color and if you are wearing a black color dress, they absorb more heat and AC unit takes more time to cool. If your room with more people dressed in a dark color dress then your AC is working harder to cool the chamber. These are unavoidable, but it may help if you were aware of it.



To Know How an Air Conditioner Works, Click Here, Written By AB Service


There are still more things. These are few basic things to know about Air conditioner impacts. Buying an air conditioner doesn’t matter how we install an Ac service and how we use it matters a lot. When an individual tries to service there may arise many ac service mistakes, that has to be corrected.  Here some of the thing mentioned above is unavoidable, but if you are aware of it that could reduce. Only a professionals will know how to fit Air conditioner with the best comfort. Choose right one to install AC that helps reduce your electricity bill. AB Service provide an expert solution to all your Air Conditioner at your comfort.

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