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The installation of Split AC is a significant process. If the installation is done correctly, your air conditioner will give excellent cooling. If your installation is not proper, you may face AC problems regularly. Hence, choosing right installation is important. The Best installation service professional understands the dos and don’ts during Split AC installation.

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How to Install Split AC?


#1: The strength of wall:

The indoor unit of split AC must be fixed on a wall that is strong enough to hold the weight.

#2: Proper spacing:

The split AC needs at least 15 cm of open place enclosing its top and sides for the peculiar flow of air.

#3: Installation Height From Ground:

Mount the indoor unit at the height of 7 to 8 ft of the ground. This appropriate installation height from ground gives an excellent cooling inside the room. This helps in maintaining the AC cooling for a long time.

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#4: Correct tilt Angle:

While trying to fix the aluminum bracket on the wall, then make sure it is given a slight tilt angle. When the angle tilted indoor unit after fitted is also at a slight angle to enable the open air flow of the evaporated water from the sewer pipe.

#5: Outdoor Unit Location:

For proper AC cooling, install the split AC at the location apart from straight sunlight and water. The outdoor unit of split AC to be installed in open place so that there is no barrier to the heat consumed by the condenser.

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#6: Right Distance:

The right distance between the indoor and outdoor unit plays an important role. The proper distance is important for excellent cooling of AC inside the room. The coolant at very low warmth continues inside the copper tubes between the units. There may be some lack of cooling impact to the environment when the refrigerant flows between the indoor and outdoor units. In order to reduce this loss, the distance between the indoor unit and the outdoor unit of split AC as least as possible. The highest permissible distance between the units of split AC can be of 15 meters.

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