Refrigerator Usage:

The refrigerator is the important electronic appliance that is frequently used in the kitchen to keep your food safe. Today, there is no home without Refrigerator. Refrigerator slowly reduces the bacterial growth and helps in keeping your food fresh. Bacteria forms everywhere in nature. They may be in the soil, fruits and even in our foods that we eat. Hence it is important to keep them free from bacteria. At this point, refrigerator comes into the picture. When you return from your office after a long busy day, when you find your fruits or vegetables found to be somewhat bacterial, that will mess your day. But Refrigerator keeps all your fruits and vegetables bacterial free.

Refrigerator Storing and temperature

Why Refrigerator maintenance is important:

Refrigerator to be serviced regularly to keep the best performance. When the refrigerator is not serviced for the long time that may cause performance issues. Your refrigerator may cause many stop cooling when you don’t serve for a long time. As refrigerator keeps your food and vegetables fresh, it is important to keep your fridge serviced regularly. When you don’t clean your refrigerator, it produces a bad smell. It is important to know that, the smell may cause disease problems. When fridge performance reduce that may increase your electricity bill. It is best to hire a professional service to keep your refrigerator in good condition.

Refrigerator services

Tips to maintain your Fridge:

1. Turn the thermometer to cool:

Fridge Thermometer

One of the important things you should monitor when evaluating the performance of your Fridge is the reading on the thermometer. The refrigerator should stay between 37 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit, while your freezer should always stay at 0 degrees Fahrenheit.


2. Clean Condenser Coil:

Condenser Coil
When the condenser coils are coated with dirt, the fridge can’t run efficiently. It is important that you pull the machine from the wall to expose the coils in the back. Also, Unplug the refrigerator, and vacuum with the brush attachment.

3. Seal inspection to be Performed every few months:

Fridge Seal Inspection

Every fridge has rubber seals on the outside edge of the door. These rubber seals cover down and start to degenerate, allowing air to escape through the newly created gaps. Although we are not discussing huge blasts of cool air running out. So, it’s important to examine the seals regularly and replace as needed. Usually, you can call the professional refrigerator service for more information and get the service for fridge service.

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