1. Unplug Power & Remove Moving Parts

When the microwave oven gets failure, the first step you have to follow is unplug the power and then remove moving parts. This will help you to avoid the severe condition. Your appliance will be in safer condition and later you can give to any workers for repairing.

2. Open the Back Cover

You can remove the back cover with the help of screwdriver. There are usually 2 screws on the left side of the oven and these screws can be easily removed by the normal screw driver. And also, there are 4 screws on the back of the microwave oven and these are special screws and these can’t be removed by normal screwdrivers. There is a special type of screwdrivers are needed.

3. Check the Fuse First

You should check the fuse first. Fuse will be in the back side of the oven. After removing those with the screw drivers, use the resistor tester for testing the fuse. If it shows infinity then it means that the fuse is broken. You should change the fuse.

microwave repair steps

4. Inspect Door switches

The next immediate step is to inspect the door switches and make sure that doors are open for sometime. Generally there are three switches in the microwave oven. You can rotate the switch to open the door. Search and look all the three switches one by one. If you find one thing different then change the switches.

5. See Inside of the Switch

You should verify this just by opening the switch. The switches are made of plastics and these plastics can be burnt. You have to change if these are burnt.

microwave repair and services efficient steps

6. By a Replacement Part

You can see the specifications and model details on back side of the switch. If you want to replace, you can get it from the shop or you can buy online.

7. Install the new switch

Do all the things above in the back order. You can remove the screw and you can change the old screw with the new one.

8. About Discharge Container

Since we unplugged power and removed the parts, there is no chance of capacitor discharge, so you should discharge the capacitor before beginning any repair. You can see the steps for discharging the capacitor in online. The capacitor will be in lower corner and it can be covered by plastic sheet.

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