Importance Of Regular Air Conditioner Service:

A well serviced AC unit will work more efficiently, use less energy and cost less electricity bill. A properly regular serviced AC system will last long forever if no proper care that needs to be replaced. Replacing AC System costs more. Here are few tips to keep your AC more efficient. If you are looking for an optimal ac cooling, make sure your AC installed properly.

It should be noted that there are some tasks to be done regularly to keep your AC unit dust free. An individual person cannot do this task only a trained professionals can do this task. Since a trained professionals will have much understanding of the machine.
Regular AC checkup may keep your machine work more efficient. Hire a trusted professional who can service your AC system better.

Tips For AC Service and Maintenance:

#1: Cleaning Air Filters:

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Cleaning your AC air filters is one of the most important in regular Air Conditioner Checkup. It should be done once a month during high usage month or it can be done 6 months once.

The Air Filter locations:
1. Behind the return air grille on a surface or roof.
2. Inside the blower section of the air handler.
3. In an opening of the side, bottom or top of your heater.

When the air filter becomes full of dirt and allergen particles, the air flow gets decreased, making your ac unit to work harder. Dirty air from AC unit may cause many problems like allergy and asthma symptoms. For a healthy living air filters to be replaced regularly.


#2: Check Wiring and Components:

Wiring disconnects may cause injuries. Hence old wiring inside has to be removed and done with new one. AC Service Experts only can handle such critical issue. If there is overheating, the access panel has to be removed. Overheating may cause melted insulation on wires.
Also, electrical connections to be checked properly. A professional knows how to handle a switch connection and handle them with care. Nowadays more advanced AC units may have complicated wiring system. It is important to note that, while servicing as an individual many ac mistakes has to be reduced.

#3: Check Condenser Fan:

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Before calling a technician experts, check your condenser fan. Turn off the power and check the fan mounted on the top of the outside condenser unit. If they are filled with more dust that has to be cleaned by the professionals. Only a professional will open the fan blades and clean them well. Professionals check well and oil the motor bearings.

It’s important to regularly check your AC unit for efficient working. Do it with the help of Professionals.


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