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Deep Freezer Repair Service

The ” Deep freezer” as an appliance has wanted importance solely in the recent days. Today it will be tough to imagine a grocery while not an electric refrigerator. They have become one among the foremost common ways for people to keep foods. Freezing foods protects them from microorganism, mold, and rot. A standalone electric refrigerator will be a thrifty various to buying a white goods that encompasses a massive freezer section notably once people shall store large volume of foods like during a grocery. They are out there many sizes and designs. Chest Freezers is one of the foremost affordable deep-freeze sort that encompasses a massive box or chest with a hinged lid that opens up. Chest freezers are out there many sizes with a minimum size go from two.1 boxlike feet to business sizes with a lot of than forty boxlike feet of area. They are unremarkable used in the garage, utility room, or basement of a house, as they are large. Chest freezers do not have a lover, which limits the air circulation and causes the temperature to be inconsistent, although as long as it will keep up a temperature below phase transition, it will not have an effect on the foods negatively. Since warmer air rises and cold air sinks, people typically store meats and alternative larger things in the lower components of the electric refrigerator in order that they’ll freeze solidly and keep preserved for months. Most chest freezers have baskets to offer a lot of organized division of area. Smaller items such as baggage of frozen vegetables and prepared meals is keep in these for straightforward retrieval.

We have replacements for

  • Door seals
  • Thermostats
  • Defrosters
  • Defrost timers and heaters
  • Compressors
  • Evaporator coils
  • Evaporator fans
  • Relays
  • Overload protectors
  • Door switches

Call Us If u find Any Issues

  • The freezer is not turning on
  • The freezer is over cooling
  • The freezer is not cooling
  • The freezer doesn’t hold a constant
  • The door seals are damaged
  • The freezer makes noises during operation
  • Bad evaporator fans
  • When safety switches are not functioning
  • Mess up on the control timers.

Freezers are used in present days as food can be prepared well in advance and stored for events or celebrations. Your freezer should always maintain a temperature range of zero degrees Fahrenheit or lower, ensuring food is kept at the appropriate temperature to remain frozen. According to the FDA, keeping food frozen at these certain temperatures can not only ensure safe storage, but prevent the growth of bacteria too.

Drawer Freezers are used in larger kitchens or gourmand kitchens. They are out there in varied finishes like chrome steel. They are typically of cupboard size and may fitted absolutely within the cabinet work. Upright Freezers are used in the main room or within the garage, utility, or basement. They ar accustomed store foods that are required for immediate access. Unlike chest electric refrigerator, where one has to bend down and look for the specified item, they have a facility sort of refrigerator that provides flexibility to choose the item required quickly. Upright freezers are typically car frosting and thus they’ll be maintained simply. Portable Freezers ar used for transporting food product with no mess and strain. Portable freezers might use AC or DC power or each, and some even keep company with cords that allow them to be powered through a car’s pocket lighter outlet. They offer USA a chance to hold foods for picnics and outings with no worry of spoilage. They are additionally out there in varied sizes. The expert technicians at AB Service recognize however to repair all kinds of freezers, including upright freezers, chest freezers, drawer freezers, and refrigerator / electric refrigerator combos. We promise to deliver potency and super cooling facility for your deep freezers. Our deep freezer repair service solutions ar most capable to match Indian conditions.

Our service Solutions includes

  • Ensure for hygiene by checking the Inner liners
  • Ensure that the Castor Wheels are perfect for Easy Transportation
  • Use UV Grade Plastic Material spares for Long Lasting
  • Ensure for  CFC-Free Insulation which is eco friendly
  • Use Powder Paint for Glossy Finish
  • Use Spring Loaded
  • Monitor for Fast Freeze Switch for Faster Cooling
  • Use PUF Insulation

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