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Washing Machine Repair Services

The washing machine is employed for laundry garments with no effort from our aspect. The washing machine allows you to clean your clothes mechanically while no superintendence from our aspect. It takes off water and detergent needed and it conjointly automatically sets the timer for laundry, rinsing and drying as per the chosen mode and also the quantity of garments.
There are two sorts of laundry machines mainly prime loading and front loading laundry machines. Top loading washer air loaded from the highest of the washing machine. The clothes ar loaded from the most top onto the vessel that performs the operate of the washer, rinse and dryer. They are principally most accessible by individuals than front loading due to the benefit of use. In Front loading washer, clothes ar loaded from the front aspect. They consume less electricity, water and detergent and also provide higher laundry results compared to the prime loading washer. The top loading machines are classified as semi-automatic washer and automatic washing machine. The semi-automatic washing machine has separate tubs for the washer and also the dryer. Two different timers alter setting laundry and drying times. You have to manually replace the garments from wash tub to the dryer after the wash cycle is complete. The fully automatic machine has the single tub for laundry, rinsing and drying. Depending on some garments or the load of the clothes, the machine takes in the sufficient quantity of water and detergent mechanically and sets the timer for wash and drying automatically.

Washing Machines require regular from a trained expert. We provide timely reminders to have your washing machine serviced. Contact us if you notice any of the following in your washing machine.

Issues in Washing Machine

  • notice too much vibration while operating your machine.
  • When you notice leakage in the machine
  • When you feel a burnt smell while the machine is in operation.
  • When the machine gets jammed suddenly
  • Improper functioning of the timer.
  • The draining pipe becomes clogged repeatedly
  • When you get electric shock on touching the switches
  • Agitator connected with motor is facing cycling problems leading to improper washing
  • Other problems like washer is not spinning, you get too much noise while operating, water is not getting drained, water overflows.

Our Specialized Service

When you conceive to get a washer, consider the capability that you may want, the material of the bathtub which can be porcelain-coated, plastic or stainless steel and plastic tub is additional preferred as most high finish model uses it, consider the water level that can be consumed by the machine, examine the cycles on the market and select the one that offers cycles that area unit desired by you, consider the steam cycle to shield your garments from wrinkling and therefore the water temperature to bleach or to use softeners then on, find the economical energy options like automatic temperature management or water levels to eliminate prolonged laundry cycles, consider the noise level, safety features and management choices for economic victimization. When you think about these factors once shopping for a washer, you would have made a right selection and at identical time reap sensible advantages on an extended run. AB services is a service centre for laundry machines of all brands, providing you with expert services at reasonable rates. We deal with several major brands like Samsung, Videocon, Whirlpool, Bosch, etc. Our expertise technicians area unit well trained to hassle shoot your machine efficiently. We conjointly have real additional components for all the great brands of laundry machines. We conjointly undertake associated annual maintenance [AMC] contract that includes routine watching and identification of prospective issues. We provide re-installation facilities to in case of relocation.

Service Highlights

  • Service solution for complete washing machine
  • Washing machine adjustments
  • Installation of new washing machine
  • Clogged draining solutions
  • Rinse system repairing
  • Agitator function adjustment
  • PCB service solution
  • Maintenance of both Semi and fully automatic washing machines

Our service engineers provide demonstration classes to enable the customer handle the machine efficiently.

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